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Information Rage - you must be kidding

prehistoric road rageSadly, no.  Craig Roth points to an article that uses the phrase "information rage" as the next step the presumed horrors of information overload.  Craig's Information Rage gripes about the phrase and the discussion of information overload - as he's been doing for a while now. 

I really liked this bit at the end.  In response to "people spend too much time navigating information" he pens this great comeback:

In the information age, navigating a virtual forest of information IS your job, not the thing that prevents you from doing your job. The job of information workers is to find the gold nuggets in all the silt and turn it into something usable.

To the idea of "information rage," I am similarly flummoxed.  But there is reality that people get angry.  But usually it's because they are too tired or hungry - potentially driven by being overworked and under-supplied with what they need to do their jobs.

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