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Social CRM and Social ROI at #SMB20

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicI attended Boston's Social Media Breakfast this morning to hear about Social CRM and measuring the impact with Social ROI.  I wasn't particularly planning on blogging the event, but this evidence shows that Adam caught me with my mind map and someone else asked if I was going to share it.  (He really had to jam my head down to the computer to get this shot on his Android phone.) 

One of my favorite things in this was Mathieu Hannouz' "checklist" for doing Social CRM projects.  (His whole eight-slide presentation is on Slideshare.)

  • Are your customers/prospects using social media? (and STOP if they are not)
  • Make sure you listen before you engage (a theme repeated by Lauren Vargas and Tom Cummings as well)
  • Make sure you have relevant content to support your social CRM (not your FAQ that no one reads, topics that your customers are talking about)
  • Define customer satisfaction metrics (so you know if you've succeeded)
  • Share social info within the business too (it's not just the marketing or sales team that needs this information; product developers should be in the discussion as well, for example)

Social CRM (customer relationship management) essentially is a means to extend the idea of customer relationship management with the social tools that are out there.  I think a big element of this is that the information is out there in what people say (their words) and what people do (their behaviors) online.  Rather than assuming all the data is "yours," acknowledge that customers and communities have a lot of that information.

And the Social ROI question is something that is familiar to a lot of people who are exploring knowledge management and Enterprise 2.0.  How do you translate from your social efforts to something that connects to the bottom line.  The thing I heard from Navdeep Alam was around tracking customer behaviors and doing some network analysis, though he didn't talk about that in as much detail. 

Today's presenters were much more expert on these topics than me, of course.  They all taught me something.

And here is that full mind map, for those who might be curious.  If I've done this right, you can get a PDF of the full map by clicking on the image.

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