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Intranets enabling knowledge management

Jakob Nielsen has posted his 10 Best Intranets of 2011.  It's an interesting list and all, but he has a sub-topic on knowledge management as it relates to these intranets.  This is his opening to the discussion:

If there's anything that has been overused, abused, and hyped beyond the level of cliché, it's "knowledge management."

Yikes.  Fortunately, he suggests that the examples are doing a good job via their technology of "managing knowledge."  The job of internal knowledge management, in Jakob's take, is to help the employees do something with their knowledge, which is a decent starting point.  He sites several functions/tasks where the technology is helping with knowledge management:

  • knowledge sharing
  • innovation management
  • comments
  • ratings
  • participation rewards
  • customized collections

Beyond the first three, I am not so sure they fit under KM, but I suppose in the larger setting the idea of ratings fits with the "social" aspects of KM and enterprise 2.0.

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