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Time to think

Following on the heels of my previous post, I have just listened to a couple podcasts that feature a similar idea.

HBR IdeaCast has a recent piece with Paul Nunes, The Holy Grail of Continuous Growth. Among several things he talks about is the importance of talent development and giving people time to think. This parallels a lot of what I heard in the Deresiewicz piece.

And Manager Tools is going to have a series of articles on interviewing and hiring. In their first entry on the topic they emphasize just how important it is to bring the right people into the organization in the first place. While this is more on the talent management side, I think it parallels what I heard from Nunes: take the time to do it right, rather than rush through it and hope for the best.

People want to be helpful

Can't get quality thinking when you are multitasking