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Seeking new opportunities

I am leaving my current consulting gig looking for something new. I am focused on finding a new position in either knowledge management or Theory of Constraints.

This blog certainly reflects those interests with hundreds of posts in these topic areas, along with the related topic of personal effectiveness, which I sometimes related to personal knowledge management and sometimes connects TOC relates to personal growth. I have been working in these areas for over ten years, and I want to keep growing and learning in these directions for the future. Even if the role isn't directly KM or TOC, I will bring these ideas to the role, as I tried to do as a product manager.

In knowledge management I continue to be interested in how to help people work together in the best possible ways. Collaboration. This runs the gamut from developing good work practices for organizations (and individuals) to looking for and using the best tools out there in support of the work practices that make sense for the organization.

In Theory of Constraints, I have been implementing a variety of the solutions at client companies, and I would have a lot of fun continuing in that vein. These applications are Critical Chain Project Management, Drum Buffer Rope (in manufacturing), and Supply Chain Management. Theory of Constraints also has a larger set of "thinking processes" that help practitioners determine the best ways to create change in organizations that don't always fit the specifics of these main application areas. These are part of any implementation, but they aren't discussed as much because each organization has a different set of problems, even though the general direction of the solution tends to be similar. I try to use these myself, and I can always use more and more practice.

I am looking for suggestions and guidance as I look for my next adventure in work life. Please contact me for a conversation or to point me to others. Please pass along this post or my About page, if you know people who might be interested. Of course, I am on LinkedIn, if you want to connect there.

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