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IBM and their internal social business

EWeek has a slideshow from Derek K Taft and an article that talk about IBM's current efforts in seting themselves up as a social business company. This was in response to IBM's announcement of their Social Business strategy at Lotusphere 2011 - which sounded like a lot of fun from all the tweets on the topic.

I have seen a lot of these pieces discussed many times, but it was interesting to see them all in one place. The core elements described on the "15 reasons why the time is right" slideshow are:

  1. Growth
  2. LotusLive Symphony
  3. Social Business on Mobile Devices
  4. IBM is a Social Business
  5. Large Social Footprint
  6. Wikis
  7. SocialBlue
  8. Video and Audio
  9. Minutes (of LotusLive meetings)
  10. Sametime
  11. First Day on the Job
  12. HR Goes Social
  13. Collaborative Teams
  14. Deep History

Most of the reasoning sounds like "they are big" and "they have lots of technology." But that is somewhat the point - they are actually using the technology, as we hear from people like Luis Suarez and others who are actively speaking and writing about the things IBM are doing internally.

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