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Communication failure - oops

Haven't heard from me? My fault, not yours. And it's not because I am busy looking for work.

Communication failure: I learned this week that an unknown-to-me email spam filter has been trapping the occasional email from friends and others. I had been trying to track down the issue and finally discovered that the spam filter I had been checking was the global one for, not the one attached to my specific email address. I've turned it off to let GMail filter it all, as that is where I read mail. Now all my mail had better be coming to one place. (Speaking of controlling my streams.)

I also learned that my contact form on this website wasn't working correctly. (And the comment form sometimes doesn't work - I haven't resolved those issues yet.)

So, if you have been wondering why I haven't replied to something it's due to purely technical snafu's. I apologize! Please try again, I'll do better.

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