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Blogging for 8 years

behind the eight ballThanks to the inspiration and my ongoing desire to write, I have been blogging here at Knowledge Jolt with Jack for eight years. Yippee.

The topics I cover have changed somewhat over the years, but I look back and see that some of my first entries were on Knowledge Management and Theory of Constraints. And I look at the last month and see that I am still writing on those same topics. Not a big surprise, given where my interests still lie.

I write much less frequently than I have in years past, but I still enjoy getting my thoughts out in the public eye, and my blog offers a single place to do that where I know I have control. I continue to check out various discussion forums and other venues for online collaboration. And there are always interesting discussions to be had with friends and colleagues over coffee, which I pursue when possible.

[Photo: "behind the eight ball" by Ed Schipul]

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