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Story of successful social intranet

A former colleague pointed me to this great story of ThoughtFarmer in use at Mountain Equipment Corporation (MEC) for their corporate intranet. The story makes the connection to corporate culture clear - this is not just a rebuild-the-intranet story. ThoughtFarmer and MEC were clearly looking for ways to extend the MEC culture into their intranet and create opportunities for everyone to participate. The most telling statistic in the piece suggests that MEC has moved away from the commonly-held participation ladder of 1% heavy contributors, 9% partial contiributors, and 90% lurkers to 10%, 20% and 70%. Awesome.

I've always liked the folks at ThoughtFarmer when I come across them online or at conferences. And this story demonstrates why: attention to why it is that organizations are interested in connecting people. They even call these "ThoughtFarmer organizations."

Not all problems need the fancy tool

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