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Experience: continuous self-improvement

fruit loopsI've been incredibly busy with client work (a good thing), and I haven't made the time to write much or do a lot of other explorations (ahem Google+ ahem).

I came across something in my personal life that connects back to my business life. Use experience to get better.

One of the ideas of the continuous improvement cycle contains some version of a regular "how are we doing" review. The whole point of the cycle aspect is that you do it again and again with the goal of always getting better at what you are doing. This applies just as well in my personal life: how did I do today? Did I unnecessarily trample on someone else? Did I successfully navigate a difficult situation? Taken from a more familiar business perspective: What went well? What surprises were there today? What could go better? How will I respond the next time?

All of these questions have to do with learning from experience. This is valuable whether I am doing it at home in my journal or with my family, or if it in business with my colleagues and clients.

[Photo: "fruit loops" by davidjmarland]

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