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Collaboration in the ether

I have come across several items on collaboration that have continued to rattle around in my brain, so I thought I would pass them along.

Collaboration personas the 9 types of collaborators smallThe first is an entertaining info graphic from the folks at Central Desktop on the 9 Types of Collaborators, looking at various collaboration personae: The Stealth Ninja, The Executive, The Socialite, The Skeptic, The Tastemaker, The Dinosaur, The Siloist, The Expert, and The Ringleader. (Strangely, when I first looked at this graphic, I read "soloist" instead of "siloist" for the seventh entry.)

TrustQuotientInfographicIn conjunction with the collaboration info graphic, Charles H Green (The Trusted Advisor) sent me a link to another info graphic on How Trustworthy Are You that describes a number of elements of trust, including the Six Trust Types of people: The Expert, The Steward, The Doer, The Connector, The Catalyst, and The Professor. I particularly liked the additional analysis around which of these types are most common (The Expert) and the ranking of trustworthiness of each type (The Expert is 5th, The Doer is 1st).

And finally, there was an article in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of KMWorld, Rich options expand the collaborative horizon, by Judith Lamont. She describes several examples where organizations took advantage of their collaboration software to solve real problems. It's always a challenge in this kind of writing to capture both the interesting results AND the technology. It's often far too easy to only talk about the technology.

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