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Expressing gratitude

As most people know, today is Thanksgiving in the USA. It's a day for gathering with family and friends and food. It's also a day to reflect on what we have in our lives and be grateful. Here is an abbreviated list for me.

  • Family: I sit here on the train with my family as we go to visit more family. Joy.
  • Friends: People in my close circles and those I only "see" virtually all add to my life.
  • Work: Yes, work. I really enjoy helping people get things done, and the people I work with make that all the better.
  • Health: Sure this varies, but it great to have what I have and get to share with the people around me.
  • Hikes with the kids.
  • Bike rides alone or with friends / family.
  • Books. Letters on the page (or screen) always entertain and educate.
  • Music. Our home is often engulfed in music, whether playing over ear buds, or our Sonos, or piano practice. Recent purchase: Miles Davis' A Kind of Blue because my son is learning the piano part to "So What."
  • Food: Whether simple or fancy, it's always fun to prepare and eat with friends ands family.
  • Life.
  • Love.

What are you grateful for? Today or any day.

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