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Why blog?

x is the new yA friend is setting up a new personal blog (yes, people still do that), and he asked me a few questions about the style and layout.  But this got me thinking why it is that blogs are still valuable - at least for me.

Even though I haven't been blogging as much as I would like*, the blog is still the one place where I keep interesting-to-me stuff stored and sorted.  I cannot do this with Twitter or Facebook or GooglePlus. Sure I can write long-form stuff on GooglePlus, and I usually get much more interaction there and on Facebook when I have a relevant topic for my followers.  But I haven't had much look in finding the materials when I try to remember where I posted it and when I did so.  On my blog - it is always in one place, and I can (usually) find it again.

So, I promise to continue blogging stuff that I find interesting.  Maybe I'll even find some time to blog again with regularity.

* I haven't been on Twitter, Facebook or GooglePlus with much regularity either.  I've a new project that is consuming my time and energy as I learn the ins and outs of the client and what they need.  (What they need is different from what they've asked of me.)

[Photo: "x is the new y" by Roo Reynolds]

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