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People resist stupidity, not change

I have come across another person thinking about change, Arthur Carmazzi.  Here is a video from him (beware the cheesiness!) where he says, in short, "People don't resist change, they resist stupidity."


This is something that Goldratt talked about as well - he just didn't call it stupidity.  Goldratt talked about the idea of people not understanding how the change was going to help them get away from their current pains or get to some better future.

Put that in your pipe.  If you see people as "resisting" a change initiative, maybe they just see the immediate impact of the change as "stupid" and not helping them in their goals to learn and grow.  Refactor your thinking.  Get into their heads - solve problems they actually have, rather than the ones you think they have.

[Found via Roan Young:]

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