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Survey on CCPM implementations

There is a new research survey out there on Critical Chain Project Management implementations. If you have ever participated in or run a CCPM implementation, please go take the survey. I have no other connection to the research, other than doing the survey myself and being interested in the results.

Here is the description (with contact details removed):

Hello and welcome to the Critical Chain Implementation Factors survey! I am a graduate student completing a master of science degree in project management at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I will be using this survey for analysis in my master's thesis, Factors that Influence Critical Chain Project Management Implementation Success.

Factors included in the survey have been derived from an extensive review of literature. The results from the survey will be analyzed to determine which factors are influential in the success (or failure) of critical chain implementations. This type of structured comprehensive assessment has not been completed for critical chain implementations and your participation in this survey will directly impact the quality of the research results.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes. While this is a significant amount of your time, please consider the following personal benefits you receive by completing the survey:
(1) you will see firsthand what potential factors have been identified in literature that can influence the success rate of CCPM implementations and
(2) upon completion of the survey you will be given a link to view all survey results.

Your survey answers are completely anonymous. Please do not enter your name or the name of the organization you are associated with anywhere on the survey. All questions are required (denoted with an *) except for the last optional question.

The survey tool even lets you monitor the responses the survey has received thus far. It looks like I was the seventh person to take the survey.

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