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Be conscious

Soren Gordhamer has an article at Mashable on How to Stay Focused in a World of Distractions:

In our connected world, it is easy to think that the more information we have the better our chances of success. While more information can be helpful for, say, logical problem-solving, it is often useless when it comes to innovation. It's not how a game-changing device like Apple's iPhone is born. Steve Jobs believed as much.

The piece is written like a list, but it's very different from the typical "5 ways to do X" lists that we see online. The elements of the focusing suggests are

  • Pay attention
  • The impact of mindfulness
  • Doing less means doing more
  • Don't just fill your mind, empty it
  • Create space

My take away on the discussion is that Gordhamer is suggesting conscious reflection as the key to being able to act and get things done.

I'm reminded of the article I mentioned last week: you need a focus list and an ignore list. The lists change depending on your context. It's even more important when you can carry work with you wherever you go on your smartphone or laptop. Be conscious of what you are doing.

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