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Attending #TOCICO in Chicago

I am attending the annual Theory of Constraints-focused TOCICO International Conference in Chicago.  The conference hasn't even started yet, and I have had a number of intriguing conversations with people that I know and people that I've just met.  I'm not sure whether the hallway conversations or the actual presentations are going to be the best part of the event.  

Some examples from tonight's conversations

  • Interesting things people are doing with Theory of Constraints and related disciplines
  • Elliott Jacques' ideas about the requisite organization and connections to the capability of an organization to succeed
  • Is project management a solution or a symptom of a larger problem?
  • Cynefin came up several times.  It doesn't hurt that Steve Holt is here for these conversations.

We'll see how much blogging and tweeting (#TOCICO) I will do.

Day 1 of #TOCICO conference

Supply and demand of knowledge