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Phrases that should make you say, "Really?"

People say a lot of things without thinking. We believe a lot of things without checking their validity. I've run across some examples recently. For many of these things, we should at least ask ourselves if they are really true.

CBS MoneyWatch has 5 phrases that will get your fired:

  1. There's nothing I can do.
  2. It's not fair
  3. That's impossible
  4. I wish...
  5. But we've always done it that way

And Goldratt Marketing posted a list of Top 8 Erroneous Paradigms of Operations Management (pdf) recently. Which of these statements are true?

  1. A resource standing idle is a major waste
  2. Efficiencies are the best guide of performance and profitability
  3. Leads times are a given
  4. Reducing set ups reduces costs
  5. Process batch = transfer batch
  6. Everybody needs to be an expeditor
  7. Flow depends mainly on physical layout
  8. Taking orders within the normal lead time increases profitability

And, of course, there are plenty of things we tell ourselves at a personal level. I can't do that. S/He would never agree to this suggestion. etc. etc. etc.

What do you tell yourself? Have you asked whether these things are true? What do people in your organization believe without checking?

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