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What does good look like - your values

What does good look like for you? For your latest initiative?

I've mentioned variations on this question few times here. I like it because it helps people stand back a little and think about what they would like to SEE happening. What behaviors and outcomes would be "good" to them. I have realized recently that there is a contextual element to this question that is almost unspoken: I assume that underneath it all we all share the same understanding of "good."

I suspect that one's understanding of "good" is tied up in their values and the values of the organization. My reasoning for this today comes from an entertaining comic book / graphic novel by Lt Col Dan Ward (his blog appears to be idle) on The Comic Guide to Improving Defense Acquisitions - screen shot below. He even poses the question of "what values are better?" And of course, the answers to that are tied up in what you think is good - which is tied up in context and values again. Tough to answer.  Maybe outside sources could provide pointers? Except that even our customers sometimes have the belief in things that might not provide better outcomes. i.e. If it seems to "simple," then it can't be worth that much. This would suggest an underlying value placed on complexity.

DanWard grab

I discovered this comic through Chet Richards' blog post, For better value, change your values.

Community is not all the same

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