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Collaboration and its opposite

A quick suggestion to go read someone else's blog.

Collaboration is all around us. But so too is active disengagement of people we might expect would want to collaborate.  And then there are the people who should be working together but have no idea they could benefit by doing so. I wonder which is the opposite of collaboration?

Tom Graves provides some thoughts about this through the metaphor of a kids' train set. Collaboration and anitcollaboration - a tangible metaphor. I like how he describes the various aspects of trains and train transport, and then uses that to describe how collaboration is supposed to work, and how it might go pear-shaped.

His ideas and my recent mindset have me seeing Cynefin ideas and ideas that Clay Shirky wrote about ten years ago (the group is / can be its own worst enemy).

Excessive focus on efficiency gets you...

The user is the group, not the individual