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Stop Starting, Start Finishing

JustintimeI've had the Stop Starting, Start Finishing brochure / comic from Arne Rock and his team sitting in my briefcase ever since the Lean Kanban conference last spring. "I'll read this on a flight," I thought. 

It's a fast read, so I don't know what I was waiting for.  It's an entertaining introduction to a sequence of steps that Justin (as in Justin Time) takes to a team, as he introduces Kanban.  The sequence is pretty familiar: make the work visible (because knowledge work doesn't show itself naturally); limit work in process; find what blocks flow; and continue looking for ways to finish more work.  The brochure also suggests that Kanban principles apply at the portfolio level - something I have done successfully.  Kanban is all about evolutionary change, after all.

Beyond the basics of Kanban, what I saw in this brochure was that, while the details are missing, it can be an effective way of articulating some of the why and what of an implementation like this.

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