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Made with TOC at Mazda at #TOCICO13

How about this for advocating Theory of Constraints?  The opening keynote presentation of the TOC ICO conference ended with the statement, "Made with TOC." They even had a couple cars in the parking lot to show off.

This keynote was from Mitsuo Hitomi, the chief engineer of the power train development division at Mazda.  He told a great story of turnaround at the organization - a turnaround powered in large part by Theory of Constraints, specifically Critical Chain Project Management within their product development organization.

The key result for them was a transition from operating in the red for the past four years to going into the black in the last financial year (ending March 2013) for the division of Mazda.  Along with the financial performance needs were needs around ensuring customer satisfaction, development of better technology, and getting there faster.

From the CCPM perspective, Hitomi-san talked about a number of positive effects related to people's growth, connections within the organization, management, and successful projects. These were drawn as current reality trees - the new reality created by the implementation of CCPM.  These are too much to report here, but the summary about the impact on project management I found interesting.  Planning went from a management-only activity to an activity where the developers are engaged in building and creating the networks.  Management were involved, of course, but not just in planning. They also created a regular reporting and status mechanism, so that problems could be identified earlier - before it is too late.  

I'd love to see more examples like this published and advertised! Made with TOC.  

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