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The Goal ideas apply everywhere

I know I haven’t been writing much.  I have chosen other things consume my time.  Several articles are sitting and waiting for me to write them. But here is a quick note. 

I listen to the Free Library of Philadelphia Author Events podcast, which covers all sorts of ground.  A recent entry is an interview with Erik Prince on the topic of his new book, Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror.

Whatever you feel about the topic, my ears perked up when he mentioned how he ran the business (about 1/3 into the podcast). His father had a business that served the auto industry and learned from Toyota Production System, which fed into Mr. Prince’s thinking.  He specifically called out Eli Goldratt’s The Goal as a big influence in the way he thought about the business and how it helped him grow.  The numbers tell an amazing story.

[Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the US.  Me too.]

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