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Interviewed at APQC on knowledge management

Several weeks ago I spoke with Ralph Marlbrough at APQC on a variety of topics, centered around their themes of critical knowledge.  I couldn’t help myself, and we blew through the 30 minutes we had allotted to talk, and the result is two blog posts on the APQC website.  The first was posted last week, Identifying Critical Knowledge Starts with Good Collaboration.  And the second posted on Monday, Transferring Critical Knowledge in a Crisis.  It was a fun conversation, and I couldn’t help weave together the knowledge management topics with the operational excellence work I have been doing as well.  

Here’s how they introduced the discussion: 

APQC recently interviewed Jack Vinson on a wide range of topics regarding transferring critical knowledge. In part one of our interview, he talks about why identifying critical knowledge can be a difficult collaboration between management and workers. In part two, Jack will discuss the challenge of transferring and using critical knowledge during a crisis.

Thanks again for the discussion, APQC.

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