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A theme from #TOCICO14

A theme has emerged for me at TOCICO 2014 across many of the talks and discussion this year.

Theory of Constraints implementations generate big changes in organizations. And those big changes by their very nature create conflicts - between new behaviors and old behaviors; between new requirements and old requirements; and even between new mindsets and old mindsets. If the implementations don't seek to resolve these conflicts in some way, they are bound to not reach their full potential.  Rob Newbold's talk clearly highlighted this. But it also came up with Sanjeev Gupta and many others.

Do we respond by ignoring the inconvenient conflicts and push ahead with the implementations? Do we build the conflict clouds and look for erroneous assumptions? Do we move in the direction of relative values and balance the conflict by guiding people in the preferred direction?  Maybe there are other ways to resolve them?

Good food for thought. And maybe some food for thought on your current projects?

Less Is More

Final #TOCICO14 brain dump