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We are our contexts

I've always thought the idea of context was interesting.  Johanna Rothman thinks so too, What's Your Context:

We all start from our own contexts.

We are a sum of our experiences. In writing, we are a sum of what we have written, what we like to read, and where we feel comfortable.

It’s the same in our projects and our lives.

For me, I often notice this when listening and learning new ideas. I draw connections in one book, based on an article or book I have just read. I see things that I wouldn't have seen if I hadn't had some prior experience.  That's the whole idea of context - each of us bring our own experiences to a situation.

The harder part is that we often don't recognize that we are doing it. But when I listen to other people make claims, I often wonder what their assumptions are - why do they believe that XYZ is possible (or not)?  What makes them approach the world from that angle?  What makes me think about a situation the way I do.  

Bringing these things into light helps me and friendly colleagues check assumptions and do things differently. Check the context indeed.

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