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Really fast construction - it can be done

The project management community like to point to examples of really bad project management. Every once in awhile, there are examples of extremely good project management as well. These are all videos, but they get the story across.

In all cases, they demonstrate that very big projects can get done very quickly, if the planning is done properly and execution is managed according to flow (rather than task deadlines).  The cost shouldn't be significantly different - hiring eight cranes for a week vs having one or two on site for a year or two?  Having hoards of tradespeople on site for a few hours, instead of scheduling one or two people a day over the course of months?  

First we have the 15 storey hotel in 6 days. I love the host's introduction that mentions a project behind him that has been going for 2 years and isn't yet complete, juxtaposed with this one.

Next is the world record holder (at least in 2005) of the 2 hour house (actually just shy of 3 hours) from cement foundation pour to ready-to-enter (including landscaping).

And then another fast house build for Habitat for Humanity with some specific commentary about CCPM.  The recording isn't quite as good, but it is a similar story.  This one was 3 hours 45 minutes in New Zealand.

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