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Kristin Cox honored for work in Utah

Kristin Cox has been honored as one of eight Public Officials of the Year by Governing Magazine. She has presented keynote addresses at TOC ICO, talking about how she has used Theory of Constraints in her work in Utah's Office of Management and Budget, and her use of TOC is mentioned in her profile there:

Even in a state known for its prudent financial management, Cox and her keep-it-simple approach to government have made a lasting impact. She’s schooled dozens of agency leaders in the Theory of Constraints management method, which is designed to root out bottlenecks in agency operations. The process of figuring out what to measure and how to track it has required a significant culture change. “She’s able to articulate her vision to cabinet members, and that’s incredibly important,” says Jonathan Ball, Utah’s legislative fiscal analyst. “Particularly on the Theory of Constraints, it takes a lot of endurance and a clear vision to engage people and explain something to them in a way that’s easy to understand.”

It's nice to see this public acknowledgement of her work.  Here are my writeups of her TOC ICO talks from this year and from 2014.

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