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TOC education rethought #TOCICO16

I suppose, there are a number of "inside baseball" topics at any conference. How do we improve collaboration between our group and their group?  How do we grow our influence? How do we help our colleagues learn / grow / flourish?  The same occurs at the TOCICO conference.

One such topic was described by Lisa Scheinkopf on improving the way Goldratt Schools brings Theory of Constraints education to people - especially the TOC Thinking Processes. Her framing of the conversation was "how do we teach people to be more like Jonah?"  (Jonah is the original guru - the guru from The Goal.)  Why do people like him so much?  It usually has to do with his approach - people like his teaching style, his way of thinking, and the fact that his protégé (Alex Rogo) gets results.  Maybe rethinking the teaching of TOC should revolve around helping people do these things.

How to think about organizing an education program for TOC related to this?  The way Lisa framed this was along these lines.  In order to teach people to have meaningful results, they need to see how their actions will have a real impact on the goal of the organization.  In order to teach people to use the Socratic method, they must learn how to discover and invent with their colleagues. They must learn to ask questions related to the topic in question - asking questions in an arena where there is no intuition is not helpful, so they must develop this as well.  In order to bring people to understand reality, they must learn to identify inconsistencies. Which means they have a mental map, or a means to describe their understanding and look for inconsistencies between the picture and reality.  And seek to learn why there is a discrepancy. And at the highest level, to help people think clearly, they must be able to resist the four obstacles using emotion, intuition and logic.

Given all this, what does one do differently?  There are plenty of "Jonah" programs, teaching the TOC concepts. But maybe this thinking can suggest another way to bring Jonah-like capabilities to more people.

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