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Attention residue, task switching and multitasking

Just checking

How many times a day do I find myself "just checking" messages or the coffee?  It turns out those little interruptions can be just as bad as those imposed by others.

I found yet another term connected to the challenges we find when switching from one activity to another - "attention residue." Yet more ammunition in the battle against multitasking. This was described by Cal Newport in A Productivity Lesson from a Classic Arcade Game:

When you turn your attention from one target to another, the original target leaves a “residue” that reduces cognitive performance for a non-trivial amount of time to follow.

I particularly like the example and the discussion around it.  Even when my  attention is drawn away for a moment - someone calls out my name, my mobile vibrates - even if I get back to the main activity right away, there is a loss.  Some of my attention is diverted to that interruption, however brief.  And this causes me to slow down in that primary activity.

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