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The beauty of "no"

It is said that there is an improv practice of "yes, and" - where you eliminate "no" and "but" from the flow of a story because these things shut down the fun.  Some people have taken this into their lives with the intention of seeing where it will lead them - open eyes and wondering at the world. Jim Carrey even made Yes Man around the idea.

Saying no can be uncomfortable and feel awkward, but trust me, it is liberating.
— Poppy Harlow

But there is obviously another take to this. When I don't take control of those requests, I can become slave to every interruption (or request every request that comes through on my calendar).  Poppy Harlow (CNN anchor) had a great piece in yesterday's USA Today on Finding Happiness in 'No', where she described her journey in learning how to set limits.

In my personal and project world, there is a big benefit to being able to say "no" or "not now" to requests that come across my desk (or that pop up on IM). I am trying to live in a world where I prioritize FINISHING over being responsive. It's so much easier to respond (immediately) to everything, when in reality it is much more rewarding to actually get things done.

Leadership and Self-Deception

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