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Get Lamp - a blast from my past

I stumbled across the text adventure documentary, Get Lamp, in my wanderings and just spent a pleasant 90 minutes watching and reliving some of my teen years.  

We had a computer early on, and I spent a lot of time playing early PC games, many of which were text adventures. And of course, I've played Adventure (you've been eaten by a Gru) and similar.  

This documentary is very focused on "IF" = Interactive Fiction and the ongoing interest it has maintained over the years of fancy graphics and other gaming platforms.  I was surprised they didn't talk about choose-your-own-adventure as a source or inspiration of these games.  I loved those as a kid too, and they are still around as well.

If you played text adventures, this documentary is a lot of fun. If you have kids who are into programming and games, maybe they might be interested. Of course, there is a website out there with the old Infocom games (Zork and others). 

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