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This stuff works #UtahGCCon

"This stuff works!" from Retired Lt. General Andrew Busch in summarizing his 12 years in leadership positions and using Theory of Constraints to create significant improvements in his work.  His summary included many things that Kris Cox listed in her 7 Essentials: 

  • Setting BIG goals is critical (incremental goals don't drive breakthroughs)
  • Have a core team of believers
  • Employees want to be on winning team(s). They want processes that work.
  • Process over metrics. Get away from metrics whack-a-mole.
  • Focus on things that make change enduring: policy, procedure and resources
  • Balance your style from the finger in the chest and bringing folks along. He emphasized the ideas of Servant Leadership. Imust delegate, even when it seems like I am the only one who can do it.
  • There will be setbacks! Stay the course and draw on mentors.

This is from the Building on Success 2017 conference, presented by the Utah Office of Management and Budget and Goldratt Consulting. (I've been working with Goldratt Consulting for several years, so my conference fee has been covered.) The overall theme is "Breakthrough results for business and government." Most of this work is tied to using Theory of Constraints to create breakthrough results.

Highlights from Building on Success 2017 Day 1 #UtahGCCon

Kris Cox on the 7 Essentials for Breakthrough Results #UtahGCCon