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TOC article in the wild - about Hockey?

I have a regular search running for articles about Theory of Constraints. Often they are side mentions about an executive’s favorite book (The Goal) or that a company has used TOC. Usually they don’t provide a lot of detail, unfortunately from my perspective.

So, how about an article that tries to apply it to the arena of hockey? A post on a New Jersey Devils blog, Outside the Box Thinking: The Theory of Constraints & The Devils by John Fischer, describes the Five Focusing Steps and then applies them in a couple scenarios - one on the ice and another in scouting / recruiting.

Several people in the comments make it clear that one must clearly define the problem before going about applying any improvement approach. That is a challenge for a lot of people: either they go about “fixing” every little challenge, whack-a-mole style. Or they take their favorite solution (hammer) and apply it everywhere. In either case, the organization (or team) is not likely to get significantly better.

Another way to use the Questions for Change

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