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My review of Kevin Kohl’s Addicted to Hopium - Throughput: Using the DVA Business Process to Break the Guesswork Habit. The book is a fictionalization of the long history that Kohls has had in bringing Theory of Constraints and related approached to GM and other organizations. Kohls gives us the story of MegaCo and engineer Andrew Wright and their journey from barely being able to keep their heads above water to applying a strategic approach to improvement, thanks to the impetus of a guru in the form of a possible customer.

Eli Goldratt told a rather entertaining story during the Upgrade Workshop at last week’s TOC ICO conference, replete with a hand-drawn set of images to go along with it. I wasn’t sure how to recount the story, but Kevin Kohls has done a nice job of recounting it and the core conflict that Goldratt was attempting to describe.