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CCPM - Half-good news

Realization's March 2004 issue discusses the results of their survey of whether people are using the 50/90 task duration estimation scheme. CC@Work

  1. 90% of Realization's customers are not using 50/90.
  2. In multi-project operations, 50/90 is not only useless but also harmful.
  3. Buy-in of the teams needs to be achieved differently.
  4. Meanwhile Realization will continue to support 50/90 because we don't want to be shut out of sales.
  5. Realization will provide features to make the single estimate approach even easier.

I guess I am one of the few who are interested in working with the culture a different way -- one that removes the idea that task durations are single-value or anything like accurate. I still think that cutting times across the board, as suggested by Goldratt, is just not the way to convince people to believe in Critical Chain Project Management. I will be happy to be proved wrong.

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