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I am speaking tomorrow at Boston KM Forum

I know this is a bit last minute: I am leading a discussion about decision making and knowledge management at Boston KM Forum tomorrow: Influences on How I Can Make Better Decisions at Boston KM Forum.  It's based on the Symposium two weeks ago on the same topic, and my resulting blog post, Can I make better decisions now?

We’ve invited Jack Vinson to share more of his thoughts and “take-aways” from the presentations on the recent symposium at Bentley University, on October 6: Decision-Making and Decision Support by Leveraging Knowledge.
Right after the meeting, he posted a great summary of the key points from that program on his blog. This is a must read for anyone interested in diverse methods, practices and considerations for decision-making and decision support.

In the background is the human aspect of how decisions are made by individuals and what effect knowledge, technology tools, and information have on decision-making. There will be at least one anecdote to underscore why this topic is so vital to all of us.

If you have the time tomorrow afternoon (4 - 6 pm) and you are able to get out to Waltham easily, come and join us.  Oh, and let the organizers know you are coming.

More decisions made - and discussed

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