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Guess the organization

Guess what kind of organization this vignette describes:

Consider this short vignette: Imagine an organisation made up of a number of excellent scientific and technical brains working together in the same place with business professionals who are experts in discovering new technologies and assessing business opportunities, and who conduct in-depth due diligence on those opportunities. (4/21/2003)

These professionals make deals and invest money. They are good a taking risks and willing to trade off some failures for unique successes with high returns. They are fast at scanning the environment, hunting for ideas, discovering opportunities, assessing them and making decisions (declare interest, acquire, develop, etc.).

If they don't have all the technical or business expertise required for a particular case in-house, they have their own unique network of experts to call upon. This organisation has gained a good reputation as a highly attractive place to be for science or business professionals (it's not uncommon to see both qualifications in one person) because it's a hub for discovering innovation, developing ideas and testing them fast before committing to a significant development budget.

These professionals are very much results driven and, not surprisingly, this organisation defines itself by its output: the number of new deals, new opportunities asses

From eyeforpharma "Guest Opinion" by Leandro Herrero of The Chalfont Project.

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