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KM at Boehringer-Ingelheim

Boehringer-Ingelheim, the German pharmacuetical company, has a number of knowledge management projects. The best evidence of ongoing KM activities is that they have a few people with knowledge management titles. The biggest projects that B-I have running in the KM world appear to be associated with collaboration and working with data generated in R&D.

For collaboration management, they are using Documentum's eRoom and have presented this work in a number of places, including a recent Documentum webinar on the topic. Not only have they rolled out the technology, but they have developed the business processes around how the technology supports the company, particularly as part of the project management and project team communication processes. Usage of eRoom has spread throughout the R&D organization and has been so successful in the B-I implementation that other parts of the company are beginning to use the software.

For R&D data management, they have a number of partnerships with software providers and developers. This seems typical in a wide-ranging R&D environment, where they are doing everything from traditional organic chemistry through genomics and proteomics. Each has a different data load and the related analytical equipment has different data backends. Larger systems include Lion Biosciences for genomics and proteomics data and InforSense's Kensignton Discovery Engine for data management.

Outside of R&D B-I uses Siebel and Cognos products for various forms of data analysis and customer relationship managment, like many other companies.

This summary is based on information collected from the web.

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