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Knowledge networkers

Mathemagenic: Knowledge Networker Needs

Just a quick brain dump. What knowledge networker needs?

  • traces of earlier work --> articulating experiences access to it later
  • personal network --> contact management and communication tools
  • easy access to those two and the rest of "learning resources"

Lilia has been writing about these ideas for a little while. She reminds me that the knowledge networker cannot exist without her network. And Denham comments that her communities need to be in this list as well, not just a list of contacts. Those communities need to be connected to the people in them and the "traces of earlier work" that are connected to those communities.

Rather than thinking about these individual items, I tend to want them to be unified in my own knowledge space. When I get a message from Mom, I expect it to fit into my "family" world. But she might surprise me and mention something about bicycling that I did not know, which jumps me over to my cycling world.

Calling it knowledge networking really gets to the heart of the idea that I do not operate in a vacuum. Much of what I have learned has been through my colleagues and through my wider network of friends and acquaitances, much enabled by the web. The better I can link the communities, people and artifacts together, the better I tend to operate between my ears.

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