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Knowledge Networks: Innovation through Communities of Practice

Based on the table of contents, this looks to be an interesting combination of academic and tested experience in CoP's from editors Paul Hildreth and Chris Kimble.

Knowledge Networks: Innovating through Communities of Practice

From the Preface:

Communities of Practice are currently attracting much interest among academics, consultants and in commercial organisations. Academic researchers are undertaking research into how CoPs can be supported, the relationships within them and how this can help support the generation of new knowledge. Similarly, consultants in the field are developing tools and techniques for supporting, coaching and facilitating CoPs, advising organisations as to how they can identify and nurture CoPs and seeking to demonstrate how organizations can benefit from them.


In this book you will find a blend of the best of current academic research in the field of Communities of Practice, observations from groundbreaking consultancy in the field of Knowledge Management and the accumulated wisdom of practitioners working at the cutting edge of Knowledge Networks. It is presented in a series of chapters each of which seek to offer pertinent and practical guidance for those involved with building or managing knowledge networks in their day to day work.

Knowledge networkers

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