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Dealing with change: Satir Change Model

Mathemagenic: Chaos, stress and creativity

Thanks to George Siemens for just-in-time reading, Managing Yourself Through Change. Worth reading if there is any slight change happening with you. For me it was just-in-time.

Agreed. Now that I have decided to stay in Chicago -- at least I am not moving with my company -- I need to find a new job.

The Satir Change Model, as explained by Dale H. Emery, is change in response to a foreign element that creates chaos while I figure out how to deal with the change. Ideally, the end state leaves me in a higher perfroming state than where I started.

The best quote: "Remember: This will not last." applies to every phase of the model.

[Update: fixed spelling of "Satir." Darned fingers.]

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