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Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference

The 2nd Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference* yesterday was a great success, from the quality of the speakers to the size of the crowd packed into Bank One's meeting rooms to the networking opportunities to the vendors present.

The day started with keynote talks from several prominent people and then split into four parallel sessions during the afternoon. Below are some of my favorite snippets, and I follow this entry with several additional entries (CLLC) that describe each talk in more detail.

  • “Knowledge has no value, stop trying to measure it." - Kevin Cookman

  • Building a strategy is not a linear process. - Cliff Purington

  • Reasons for unsuccessful technology implementations: no comprehensive strategy, no one knows how, no leader commitment, wrong vendors, technology in search of solution, wrong department. - Cliff Purington

  • Learners don't care about the technology. They just want the piece of information that will help them do their jobs better. - Bob Dean

  • Organizational learning is greater than the sum of individual learning within the organization. - Leandro Herrero

  • Calling it a "community of practice" gets close to breaking the beauty of communities. - Leandro Herrero

  • Knowledge sharing and learning cannot be imposed. - Leandro Herrero

  • There is no such thing as a "no training system." - Don Humphreys

  • Is it 18 years of experience, or one year of experience repeated 18 times? - Leandro Herrero

  • Easy measurement does not make it a good measurement. - Kevin Cookman

  • Information overload = Information overlook. - Luc Dodinval

All the presentations are to be posted on the Chicago Learning Exchange website.

* This event had several names: "Chicagoland Executive Learning Exchange" and "Built to Learn" as well as the title above.

Update 11 Nov 2003:
The presentations from this conferences are posted at Meridian KSI (free registration required).

CLLC: Built to Learn

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