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Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference

The 2004 edition of the Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference (CLLC) was held at McDonald's Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois this year. As with last year's event, the morning session consisted of keynote speakers and the afternoon was breakout sessions.

Dirk Tussing, John Nawn and the Executive Learning Exchange did an excellent job of bringing together people and speakers from all over the Chicagoland area (I didn't know that London, Toronto and Toledo were included in "Chicagoland" these days). The great lineup of sponsors also helped keep the costs down for your average joe as well.

The next articles will talk describe my thoughts on a few of the talks
- Finding the "Seam" in Effective Governance of the Learning Organization, Vince Serritella, CLO of W.W. Grainger
- People Driven Execution, Rich Teerlink, former CEO of Harley-Davidson
- The Human Element of Change from Traditional to e-Learning, Kevin Cookman with The Chalfont Project
- The Learning & KM Partnership, Jon Powell and Susan Guest, Hewitt Associates.

CLLC: Vince Serritella

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