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It takes more than just good PM

Just in case it isn't clear to you how important team building and other human behavior aspects are to successful projects, this article describes the limits of hell that disfunction brings. Happy Family No Longer on

We used to be a happy family here at the technology arm of BigTelco.

After much struggle, long hours, tough decisions and lots and lots of sacrifice, we were at the point where we could take Enterprise-level apps live with the grace, coordination and flash of so many Rockettes kicking in a line. [JV: They were a well-functioning team!]

Then it all got blown away: outsourcing, "best shore," reduction in force. Geographically, we were all split up. Since I took this position, I've sat in five desks in three years and worked for two different companies. Our infrastructure is rotting and the workforce support has gone fully ghetto to the point where we can't even see into each other's Outlook to schedule meetings. And we went from being teammates to competitors, in many cases.

[Found via an Ego search at Waypath.]

Automating knowledge

Email and the long arm of the law