All in culture

Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby’s new book From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams is a fairly quick read, loaded with guidance and recommendations for teams that aren’t co-located apply the Agile Software Development principles. They even carve out specific instances of the principles as applied to distributed agile teams.

The (Australian) Financial Review has a list of 12 things that kill innovation in your organization. For people that pay attention to this space, the entries should sound familiar: A culture of fear, Lack of meaningful mission and vision, Too much hierarchy, Old-School HR practices, The blame game, Overly prescriptive job design, Filtering, Micromanagement, Lone wolf thinking, Silos, Low autonomy, Dissatisfaction

I've been taking Howard Rheingold's course Toward a Literacy of Cooperation, and this past week's readings and conversation were on the topic of social dilemmas, best described by The Prisoners' Dilemma and similar multi-party games. We had an exercise to try some online versions of the game and reflect on our experience.