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KM + PM in firms (from Russian)

From Knowledge Board, comes an article about The use of Knowledge Management in Project Management in Russia - 28 Oct 2003

Knowledge Management - to understand and use the value of the relations between people. In order to gain an stable profit, the relations and interactions between people within one organisation or a project must be always purposeful and intensely. Thus KM concepts should consist of 20% use of information technologies and of 80% use of human capital.

Project Management - to benefit from the organisational structure. One of the most important instruments therefore is intensive information exchange.

It talks about a new system, the Communication – Organizer, that helps project teams move forward with a consideration of for the human capital element. Interesting ratio of Human to IT mentioned above, but in the end that is about right. In our implementation of Critical Chain Project Management, we found that the process and the people needs far outweighed the software needs.

The most important components and functions of the Communication – Organizer are:

  • activities ( tasks, stories etc.)
  • work status (projects, milestones etc.)
  • working material ( texts, books and files)
  • explanation section, commentary, help
  • users ( manager, members, customers etc.)
  • work groups (project groups, departments etc.)

The original article in Russian, and in translation.

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