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e-Notebooks are like blogs

Thomas Vander Wal found an interesting article on a prototype e-notebook (not a lab notebook, software to record web-notes): Building a Web Based E-Notebook

The Journal of Digital Information has an article on Implementation Challenges Associated with Developing a Web-based E-notebook by Yolanda Jacobs Reimer and Sarah A. Douglas. This Journal article seems to cover good research information on personal information aggregation. The e-notebooks discussed are similar to weblogs, but are means of storing information for personal retrieval. The bibliography included in this is one that is worth some digging also.

Basically, the authors want to create a tool that enables them to drag and drop materials into a "notebook" to form their own commentary based on their web wanderings. As Thomas indicates, very much like blogging, but with better compositional capabilities.

Statistical basis required

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