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Come hither, web

Thomas Vander Wal has a nice essay, describing his views of his Model of Attraction and Personal InfoCloud, The Come To Me Web.  His view is that we are moving from a place where "I go get" what I want to a situation where what I want "comes to me."

Until May of 2005 I had trouble with one element in my work around the Model of Attraction and Personal InfoCloud (including the Local and Global InfoClouds as well) to build a framework for cross-platform design and development of information and media systems and services. This problem was lack of an easy of explanation of what changes have taken place in the last few years on the web and other means of accessing digital information. In preparing for a presentation I realized this change is manifest in how people get and interact with the digital information and media.

This is very much in line with my recent lists of aggregator features, where I want my aggregator to be smart enough to bring and group information in useful ways for me.  Yes, I will still need to interact with the tool, but those interactions should end up providing information in a way that is ultimately useful to me. 

Of course, these ideas extend far beyond my aggregator.  In fact, Thomas has been talking about the "Personal InfoCloud" for some time (it's the name of his website).  My InfoCloud, whether I go get that information or it comes to me, will have all sorts of tools depending on what I do with that information.  And, as I have been harping, the tools need to do their job and stay out of my way.

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