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Denham's KM Spectrum

I always find Denham Grey's writings worth a couple of reads. Knowledge-at-work: The KM spectrum is another good piece:

Everyone positions themselves somewhere along the spectrum from knowledge creation (awareness, learning, community) to intellectual capital (knowledge assets, branding, knowledge exchanges). Through long exposure, I have come to recognize my passions and interests are clearly at the knowledge creation end.

I guess I am somewhere in the middle of this one. My current thinking has me looking at what people are doing with the knowledge - how they deal with knowledge in their workplaces. Are they focused on knowldge creation, knowledge collection, knowledge transformation, knowledge transfer? And how do these things relate to the underlying vision and goals of the organization?

Once this background is understood, then we can worry about working with the organization to modify / create business processes to enable those knowledge processes. Yes, in some cases there will be software involved, but it is only one component of the overall approach.

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